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 Look no further than the Scottish Fold if you’re looking for an affectionate, loving, and beautiful breed of cat to bring into your household. This breed will be a  wonderful addition to a cat-loving home offering prestigious heritage and a lifetime of fun for your family, and it effortlessly delivers a lifetime of happiness, satisfaction, and affection. Buy a Scottish Fold kitten online Today

Breed History

Scottish Fold is a breed of cat that becomes popular by its distinctive ears. As the names imply, the cat’s ears are folded forward and backward.  There was only one fold in earlier cats, but modern breed members are reported to have two or three creases. The folded ears are the product of a mutated gene, in the early ’60s, the first cat of this type was discovered in Scotland,these cats were born in a litter. The dominant nature of the altered gene was indicated by the subsequent breeding of the female cat, and it was then formally established for the purpose of producing a special breed.  A decade later, Scottish Folds were imported into the United States and were approved after a few years by major feline breed registry bodies. Nevertheless, they are yet to be accepted in the British isle.


This breed is available in both short and longhair variants, although the modern Scottish Fold was created mainly by crossing with American and British Shorthairs. In various colors and patterns, with the exception of the pointed variant, the coat is universally accepted. With an average weight of eight to ten pounds which makes them a medium build.  Having a rounded and wide head with large bright eyes that are wide apart, a short nose, and distinctive folded ears. Within the first month of life, the ears start folding. Not all kittens have ears that are folded though. Some are born with characteristic straight ears and continue with it through their lifetime. This is due to the fact that the resulting kittens inevitably suffer from a joint anomaly that can be both painful and crippling if two ‘folded’ cats are used for parenting. For breeding purposes, thus,’ folded’ and ‘straight’ eared cats are crossed and litters are typically mixed as a result.


Buying Scottish Fold kitten online

Scottish Fold kittens can be bought online from any of the online pet shops or popular ecommerce sites like Amazon and Ebay and there are several other breeders of Scottish fold variants who mostly sell the kitten online.


Price of Scottish Fold Kittens

 The cost of a Scottish fold kitten depends on the type, markings, and bloodline of the fold. Scottish folds are named for the fact that they usually have folded ears. Not every kitten has the trademark folded posses by the Scottish fold, so those with this characteristic are the ones in high demand and can range from $800-$1500 in price. Not only are these adorable kitties costly to buy, but also one of the most costly cats to insure.


 A Scottish Fold cat’s ears fold down and forward, but the ears stay fully operational. In a traditional feline style, they are able to tilt and swivel-and can even be laid flat against the head while voicing frustration. A dominant feature is a gene that induces the particular fold. At least one parent must have the special folded ear to produce Scottish Fold kittens. The interbreeding of the Scottish Fold contributes to an increased risk of skeletal deformities. Continuously inbreeding, like all other breeds of cat, creates a greater risk of genetic disorders that can lead to more severe medical issues over the cat’s life.


Potential problems with Breed

 They have a high possibility of skeletal disorders as well as an increased risk for congenital osteodystrophy when Scottish Folds are interbred, this results in enlargement and distortion of the underlying skeletal structure. If your cat experiences trouble moving or showing excessive bone density, you may need to get your cat tested by a qualified veterinarian. It, therefore, reflects in the tail or the legs as an odd thickness.


Although this characteristic-specific folded ear is ultimately acquired by all Fold cats, they are not naturally born that way. Kittens of the Scottish Fold were originally born with straight ears. Around 3-4 weeks after birth, the fold emerges. The rare and distinctive fold can also lead to almost unavoidable problems with the ear, such as intensified wax formation. Scottish Fold  Cats are just as likely as other cat breeds to have issues with ear mites, and owners should closely watch for signs of ear infection due to infrequent and improper cleaning. Although earlier cat-bred research has made the researchers conclude that fold cats are vulnerable to deafness, this ideology has been falsified over time and no longer believed to be true.



The friendly disposition and gentle temperament of Scottish Fold Cats are widely noticeable. they are sociable and good around kids, they are equally quiet and self-contained.  They are much sought after as pets because of their popularity as caring companions, however, this breed is somewhat expensive compared to other common cat breeds.


The Personality

 Scottish Folds are easily adaptable to various conditions and usually blend fast into new environments, they are very gentle, affectionate, and loving. They are not really loud and happen to be animals who are known to be very quiet and observant. While they may display affection for several individuals, they prefer to isolate one member of the family and bond primarily on a deeper level with them. The publicity they enjoy, but they don’t want to be pushed into it. When they want to receive attention, they want to choose and always go to their “chosen” person to receive it-being more like a shadow to the one individual with whom they uniquely bond. Scottish Folds are highly intelligent and adventurous animals who want to explore wherever they feel loved and secured.


Although they enjoy a close bond with their families as well as others, they are not incredibly fond of being carried and can definitely not be described as “clingy” or “petulant.” Instead of being carried on a lap or in your arms, they’d much rather sit next to you as you go about your everyday activities.  They are extremely playful as well and can quickly learn to play with cat toys or even play fetch. Their adventurous and curious nature will continue throughout their lives, and once they reach adulthood, it’s unlikely to dissipate.


Caring for the Fold of Scotland

Folds, particularly long-haired breeds, must be regularly cared for in order to ensure optimal health. It is important to brush them regularly-at least once a week. It is also important to periodically clean their ears and check them for wax build-up or ear mites. It is important to wash Scottish Fold cats periodically with fine, high-quality cat shampoo. Their diet needs to be nutrients-dense such as protein and vitamins. Be sure to show them lots and lots of attention, exercise and playful affection is the most critical part of caring for a Scottish Fold.

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